Sandra Stanionyte Pan asia Performance art festival

[10th Anniversary of PAN Asia Performance Art Network Asia 2019]

International Exchange of Contemporary Asian Performance Art and Live Art
PAN ASIA(Performance Art Network ASIA) is an active organization for international artistic cooperation. Focusing on alliance and cooperation among performance art and live art festivals in Asia, PAN ASIA is searching for distinctiveness, universality, and humanity of Asia.

*Alternative Preference – Multi-layered Action Met in Existence
In a series of accidents, today’s world asks for sagacious gaze at the existence of life that transcends the ordinary one, and the exploration of intimate humanity. At PAN ASIA, we will be able to catch a glimpse of the future of performance art through the extended and multi-layered approaches.

*Diversity of Asia and the Needs of the Contemporary Art World
PAN ASIA is a vivid and dynamic scene where heterogeneous cultures cross boundaries through performance art. PAN ASIA intends to share Asian sentiment through the exchange of contemporary arts transcending national boundaries. PAN ASIA gives attention to performance art, which once started multi-media experiments and led the era of revolution, is still accelerating and evolving.

This edition of PAN Asia is raising an alarm to the increasing fear and anxiety that grips human spheres of experience.

There is an urgent need to strike a balance between technological aspiration and basic human quotients which would make the calm space of our existence alive. Contemporary society is in a maddening mode of industrial revolution, latest of which is artificial intelligence, robotics and automation, completely ignoring human feeling and emotions. Art is a potent vehicle of sensibility, feelings and emotion. While sensibility is the blue-eyed boy of governmentality and industrial innovation, art nurtures the territories of feeling and emotion that have a human form.

In post-WW I & II and Cold War, urban philosophy projects the dreams of super power, generating un-retrievable signs of anxiety and danger among the humans and destroying the very planet that we belong to. Contemporary people are experiencing this crisis on a daily basis, making it hard to intervene in this process as we continue to live the time regulated in terms of our labour and participation in the economic systems mortgaging even human emotions.

Alarm is a signal to call out the need for communication and addition of human emotional activity which is now lost in chasing development and in the world of media that is continuously developing and dreaming of meaningless innovation. PAN Asia would like to create live spatial dynamics through interactive high-tech media and real-time performance amounting to artistic expressions.

Sti l l l l ive Collective. DADA 100, Gallery Voltaire

2015.11.17 n web

Sti l l l l ive Collective. DADA 100, Gallery Voltaire. Spiral, 5-6-23 Minami-Aoyama, Minatoku, Tokyo Japan

Yuki Kobayashi

Hollie Miller

Saskia Vranken

Sandra Stanionyte



RCA Degree Show 2016 – Performance Pathway.


Selina Bonelli.
Paula Fitzsimons.
Harriet Fleuriot.
Eunjung Kim.
Yuki Kobayashi.
Hollie Miller.
Luli Perez.
Sandra Stanionyte.
Saskia Vranken.

Schedule of Performances:

Wednesday 29th June
Live from 4.30pm to 7pm
Dyson Gallery Performance Studio)
Solo works each 15mins.

Saturday 2nd July
Live from 2pm to 4pm
Dyson Gallery Performance Studio
Individual artists in cooperation.

During the run of the show:

Installed projected performances on video, plus printed folders of each artist work and practice.

Sunday 26 June – Sunday 3 July, except Friday 1 July.
12 – 8pm daily.
Dyson Gallery Performance Studio
Royal College of Art, Dyson Building, 1 Hester Road, Battersea, London SW11 4AN

RCA Performance Pathway:

RCAshow 2016:



amsterdam web

B a l a n c e
P h y s I c a l – M e n t a l


In fact, factor in….factory, place where things are made.

Presenting work from this graduating year from London’s ground breaking Fine Art performance pathway course at
The Royal College of Art.
Nine artists from many countries working with strong modes of current performance practice.
Practice led individual discourse matching the search for meaning equaled by doing.

Performance Pathway
Department of Contemporary Art Practice
School of Fine Art
Royal College Of Art London.

Young artists from many countries study in this world leading graduate school with Performance Practice as the core focus of their investigation.
This to extend understanding and possibility of their work and the subject itself.
From body as site to politics of identity…. the content of their research is wide but focused in making visual images with performance.
Working in the moment, In actions and works made live this is a great chance to see a cross section of outstanding young artists from many countries and experiences who are the subject of the future.


Being-Doing  //23 MAY 2016//


P E R F O R M A N C E S  I N  T H E  M O M E N T  O F  D O I N G

Asylum CarolineGarden’s Chapel, London SE15 2SQ


Rhine Bernardino  Luca Bosani  Selina Bonelli  Whiskey Chow  Helen Davison  Fritz Faust  Paula Fitzsimons  Harriet Fleuriot

Evan Ifekoya  Alice Jacobs  Victoria Kaldan  Eunjung Kim  Yuki Kobayashi  Joe Mackay  Katie McGurk  Hollie Miller  Luli Perez

Isobel Smith  Sandra Stanionyte  Guido Tarricone Nadja Voorham  Saskia Vranken.


I WILL FOLLOW     //18 MAY 6-9pm//


LYCHEE ONE. 38-50 Pritchards Rd, E29BJ London

Live works


 Revolve Performance Art Days Uppsala 6 – 14 maj 2016


Revolve Performance Art Days is a new festival for performance art in Uppsala with a focus on the genre’s specific power to act in the here a now. The festival aims at gathering and presenting a richness of expressions and artistic strategies dealing with the ephemeral nature of performance, while having the capacity to challenge, enrich and contradict each other. 14 internationally active artists and groups have been invited to participate, with the festival taking place in a variety of settings. Revolve highlights performance art that courageously and playfully challenges its own medium and politics. The program is multifaceted and discusses what it means to be human from a social and existential angle.

The festival is arranged by:
Köttinspektionen Dans
Uppsala Konsert & Kongress
Uppsala konstmuseum/Uppsala Art Museum
Gustaf Broms in collaboration with Royal College of Art, London

This festival has been made possible by the generous support of the Uppsala Municipality Cultural Committee,
Culture and Education County Council of Uppsala,
the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia and

In collaboration with Iaspis – the Swedish Arts Grants Committee’s International programme for visual artitsts.


Performance Art Meeting, Galeria Labirynt 2015


Performance Art Meeting are creative meetings between artists from Poland and abroad, who are active in the field of performance art. This time we will host in Lublin a performance art legend, Janusz BałdygaMarta Bosowska, along with students of the University of Arts in Poznań and Nigel Rolfe, one of the most famous artists of performance art in the world, and students of the Royal College of Arts in London. This year’s edition will hold individual and group presentations as well as lectures.

Royal College of Art:
Selina Bonelli
Paula Fitzsimons
Harriet Fleuriot
Eunjung Kim
Yuki Kobayashi
Hollie Miller
Luli Perez
Sandra Stanionyte
Saskia Vranken

Uniwersytet Artystyczny w Poznaniu:
Léann Herlihy
Szymon Kula
Julia Popławska
Vitalii Shupliak
Patrycja Plich
Mateusz Fabiś
Justyna Kuchta
Valentin Merchan
Paulina Pankiewicz
Dobrawa Deczkowska
Mateusz Smoczyk
Adam Łuczak

 Video Installation ‘It Is Between’


Thursday 27th August, 9-12pm, UMI Gallery yard (Užupio g. 2 A) – interdisciplinary and performance artist’s Sandra Stanionyte video installation “It Is Between”. 2014. Sandra Stanionytė received Lithuanian Culture Council Individual Scholarship to develop and present “Live Art” works in six different countries, including England, The Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, The United Arab Emirates and Iran. These series of work reflects on the relationship between the Inner-Self observation and the space, environment and social or political models that influence daily life.

More information:

Talk on the radio LRT OPUS about Life and Art with Sandra Stanionyte




Kooshk Open Studio exhibition at Mohsen Gallery, Tehran

Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 12.31.34

This exhibition will feature work-in-progess by the four winners of the Kooshk Artist Residency Award, including a performance by Sandra Stanionyte (Lithuania), a video by Kevin Gaffney (Ireland), an installation by Korinsky (Germany), an installation by Elena Artemenko (Russia).



Tuesday 28th & Wednesday 29th July, 4-9pm, Mohsen Gallery, Tehran.


Kooshk Artist Residency Award (Kara 2015), Tehran

Sandra Stanionyte has been selected as one of the four artists for the first edition of theKooshk Artist Residency Award (KARA 2015).

KARA has been implemented to support artists, creativity and the development of new ideas in the unique space of Tehran. This Residency program is a chance for attendants to do research and experiment, develop professionally maintain direct dialogues and the exchange of ideas in order to grow and nurture their creativity, and try new methods of working and thinking.

The jury consisted of Alessio Antoniolli (Director of Gasworks), Tooraj Khamenehzadeh (Artist, Curator and Program Manager of Kooshk Residency and Co-Founder and a Member of the Board of Directors of Rybon Art Center), Caoimhín Mac Giolla Léith (Critic, Curator and Senior Lecturer in Irish language and literature at University College Dublin), Bisi Silva (Curator and the Founder/ Director of Centre for Contemporary Art CCA, Lagos) and Pooja Sood (Curator, Director of KHOJ International Artists’ Association and Founding Director of ARThinkSouthAsia), who selected 4 artists from 247 applications coming from 70 different countries.

More information:




In The Moment of Doing


Performance Works by Performance Pathway Students. Participating artists include:

Cradeaux Alexander, Rosana Antoli, Selina Bonelli, William Colley, Paula Fitzsimons, Harriet Fleuriot, Eunjung Kim, Yuki Kobayashi,  Zeijing Liu, Karolina Magnusson-Murray, Lou-Atessa Marcellin, Girolamo Marri, Alicia Matthews, Heather Mccalden, Hollie Miller, Luli Perez Leon, Platt, Sandra Stanionyte, Saskia Vranken 




RCA Performance Artists Channel Fluxus Ebb and Flow at White Cube, Bermondsey


Artist Christian Marclay has invited four RCA Performance students to inhabit his exhibition at White Cube, Bermondsey, using Fluxus scores to remake and remark on the contemporary and their own practice.

Marclay’s own exhibition extends through the gallery spaces to create an immersive experience that uses fluid motifs to challenge the viewer’s perceptions of the boundaries of fine art and studio practice, as well as providing a porous view of visual, performative and audio cultures.

Within this, Marclay has invited artists from the Royal College of Art and other London art schools to perform re-enactments of ‘Water’ works by Fluxus artists including George Brecht, George Maciunas, Yoko Ono and Mieko Shiomi.

RCA Performance pathway students Sandra Stanionyte, Yuki Kobyashi, William Colley and Leon Platt are artists who have worked with water before in their own practice. Utilising the Fluxus artists’ scores, there is a literal reference to Marclay’s installation of found drinking glasses as well as a conceptual nod to the aqueous nature of his installation.

This retrospective and archive of vessels is the setting and backdrop for the RCA students’ work. Weekly and serially, they will develop and extend their chosen Fluxus texts, taking the territory of this seminal, activist historic movement as a call to action, and moving from the original to the contemporary, and their own interests and practices across live and performance work in the here and now.

Starting this week, the performances extend across a period of ten weeks, with the four artists bringing the contemporary and their own practice into conversation with the original performances, activating and inhabiting Marclay’s installed work.

Christian Marclay, White Cube, Bermondsey, 144 – 152 Bermondsey Street London SE1 3TQ
28 January – 12 April 2015
Performances take place 10, 11, 17, 18, 24 and 25 February; 5, 6, 26, 27 March; 7, 8 April
12 noon – 4pm, except 5 Mar 2pm – 4pm

For more information, see White Cube website

Fluxus Water Pieces

Yuki Kobayashi
Yoko Ono, event scores from the collection Grapefruit, 1964
The instructions read:
– Water
– Boil water and watch until it evaporates
– Walk in the footsteps of the person in front… in water. Try not to make sounds.

Sandra Stanionyte
Mieko Shiomi, Water Music, 1965
Water Music consists of a small bottle partly filled with water.
The label instructs:
1) Give the water still form
2) Let the water lose its still form

William Colley
Georges Brecht, Three Aqueous Events: Ice Water Steam, 1961
The score reads:
– Ice
– Water
– Steam

Leon Platt
Georges Maciunas, Duet for Full Bottle and Wine Glass, 1962
The score was printed as a list of words. A graph chart is set up with the words running down the side axis. Across the top, numbers are filled in with time designated in blocks of seconds. The score is filled in some manner. Then, when the performance time for each action comes up, that action is performed to generate sound.
The list reads as follows: shaking, slow dripping, fast dripping, small stream, pouring, splashing, opening corked bottle, roll bottle, drop bottle, strike bottle with glass, break glass, gargle, drink, sipping, rinsing mouth, spitting…     This short film was taken inside Christian Marclay’s exhibition at White Cube Bermondsey and features clips of the events which take place each week for the duration of the show.

Günter Müller
Steve Beresford and the London Sinfonietta
Sandra Stanionyte
Vinyl Factory
Coriander Studio




Live To Camera // RCA Flux In Dubai

RCAF copy

Live to Camera it is a series of three-minutes performances recorded live to camera by students in the Performance Pathway at the RCA. These diverse videos were made using high-end, broadcast-quality digital video to ensure that the live work was recorded and produced as a very detailed video registration of the original. The Performance Pathway in Fine Art at the RCA it’s a new approach focusing on performance practice as a specialisation.  The performances here are works ‘in the moment’ that seek to harness context, situation and occasion to its advantage.

The eighteen postgraduate masters students here represent fifteen nationalities from the UK, Europe, the Far East, Africa, Australia and the USA, reflecting the global interest in performance by young and emerging artist. These videos document work that varies in subject matter and approach, displaying a range of content and individual research approaches and practices, from the use of performance as body or action, to metaphor, language or intention.

“This is the time and this is the record of the time” Laurie Anderson, From The Air (1982)


Sandra Stanionyte

Badge of Honor, Gold Standard

Pierces the shirt, then the skin, the economic failure of have and have-not. Draws blood and bleeds.



Lithuanian Culture Council


2015 m. vasario 20 d. Nr. 1LKT-6(1.2) Vilnius

Lietuvos kultūros taryba, vadovaudamasi Kultūros rėmimo fondo lėšomis finansuojamų projektų teikimo gairių, patvirtintų Lietuvos Respublikos kultūros ministro 2014 m. spalio 16 d. įsakymu Nr. ĮV-714 „Dėl Kultūros rėmimo fondo lėšomis finansuojamų projektų teikimo gairių patvirtinimo“, 6 punktu, Valstybės stipendijų meno kūrėjams nuostatų, patvirtintų Lietuvos Respublikos Vyriausybės 2014 m. sausio 9 d. nutarimo Nr. 9 „Dėl valstybės stipendijų meno kūrėjams“, 23 punktu, Stipendijų kultūros kūrėjams skyrimo tvarkos aprašo, patvirtinto Kultūros ministro 2014 m. sausio 10 d. įsakymu Nr. ĮV-18 „Dėl Stipendijų kultūros kūrėjams skyrimo tvarkos aprašo patvirtinimo“, 24 punktu ir atsižvelgdama į Lietuvos kultūros tarybos kultūros ir meno sričių ekspertų darbo grupių išvadas, nusprendė skirti tarpdisciplininio meno srities kūrėjai Sandrai Stanionytei individualią stipendiją projektui ”Anywhere Or Not At All’ sukurti ir pristatytyti šešiose pasaulio šalyse.

2015. 20 February. No. 1LKT-6 (1.2), Vilnius
Lithuanian Cultural Council, in accordance with the Culture Support Foundation-funded project submission guidelines approved by the Minister of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania in 2014. 16 October. Order No. SCG-714 decided to provide funding for Sandra Stanionyte’s project  ”Anywhere Or Not At All ‘.




London’s Lithuanian Artists –  Portfolio review and discussion


Monday 2 February at 6.30pm 

Lithuania’s Contemporary Art Centre in Vilnius is internationally known for the strength of its excellent programme since Lithuania re-established its independence in 1990.

Following a recent research trip, Beaconsfield is delighted to renew its longstanding connection with the Vilnius art scene by opening the Lithuanian Embassy’s Winter portfolio review to a wider audience.

Presentations by London-based Lithuanian artists Lidija KononenkoJonas LozoraitisUlijona OdisarijaPaulina Pukyte and Sandra Stanionyte will be followed by a talk with curators Virginija Januškevičiūtė and Monika Lipšic CAC Vilnius by Naomi Siderfin.

This is an open invitation organized in collaboration with Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania.




Quadrennial 2014 – Art on a flagpole



In the summer, fall and early winter of 2014 we are forecasting a certain amount of bustle in the world of art in Lithuania in general and in Vilnius in particular. It will be the third time that local Lithuanian artists and contemporary art aficionados as well as those from abroad have united under the slogan and symbol – Q14 – of the quadrennial (Ital. quadrennale).

This year the slogan of the event which the Lithuanian Artists’ Association organizes every four years is “Art on a flag pole.” The Lithuanian tricolor has always been a symbol of unity, belief and inspiration for responsible and civically engaged Lithuanians. But this time we raise a new flag – that of contemporary art.

According to art researcher Vidas Poškus: “The aspirations of the organizers of the Quadrennial confirm that the colorful language of art is the best and finest representative of the state and its society; on the other hand, the Quadrennial should reflect not only the artistic panorama of the recent years, but also our lives with their beauty, routine, and sores.”

Quadrennial 2014 invites people not only to visit the capital’s galleries, but also to think and simply enjoy art in the streets, and even on their computers.

The website-database of Q14 where the artists will exhibit their work was launched at the Gallery of the Artists’ Association (DSG).

In November-December, a selection of original art created by members of the Lithuanian Artists’ Association and other professional artists, as well as from the funds of the Lithuanian Expatriate Art Foundation and the Lewben Art Foundation, will be exhibited at the Artillery Bastion of Vilnius Defensive Wall (Bokšto St. 20/18), which is part of the National Museum of Lithuania.

After a five-year-long renovation the Bastion of Vilnius is becoming a new art venue – the latest works by contemporary artists will be exhibited within the historic walls of the Bastion for the first time after the reconstruction. The first event to take place in the renewed bastion is connected to primary purpose of a bastion – to store weapons. Only this time the weapons are those of spiritual creation, and they are aimed at political inertia and conformism, cultural routine, social indifference, and boredom!

Among other venues of Quadrennial 2014 are Arka Gallery (Aušros Vartų St. 7) and Artists’ Association Gallery DSG (Vokiečių St. 2). “Art Cinema” is another enjoyable part of the event. A photo archive of the most exciting creations by Lithuanian artists and expats will be screened simultaneously in several public places. The Quadrennial will include various educational programs, aimed to encourage children and seniors to create and take interest in art!

More information: