Sandra is internationally known as a transdisciplinary artist whose works range from architecture, installations, performance art to painting. Stanionytė does not only work in many different disciplines, rather she combines them, creating a unique creative expression, that transcends any given artistic medium. As it can be seen in her paintings – they pulsate with physical expression, strokes create performance-like energy and a vast array of gestural meanings. In some cases, she incorporates language into her canvases to create new layers of meaning, passcodes for deciphering her work, spanning poetry and abstract visual art. Her paintings carry explosive energy that can only come from the inner world of the human psyche, where deep, contemplative nature of pure emotion and visual expression are the only way to navigate. It’s also evident that her own body, trained, and pushed to its limit in the making of performance art, extends the expressiveness of her paintings to the limit, leaving unique, personal marks and undeniably charged with the energy drawn directly from the well of human intensity and emotion. While looking at Stanionytė’s work one can easily spot the flowing, transformative nature with which she not only imposes her own views on art but materializes it in a different and ever-changing, dynamic manner.

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