Badge of Honor, Gold Standard

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Pierces the shirt, then the skin,

The economic failure of have and have-not.

Draws blood and bleeds.

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The video was made using high-end, broadcast-quality digital video to ensure that the live work was recorded and produced as a very detailed video registration of the original. The performance here is a work ‘in the moment’ that seek to harness context, situation and occasion to its advantage.

“This is the time and this is the record of the time” Laurie Anderson, From The Air (1982)

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Performed in London Lime-street. Standing still from 9 a.m till 5 p.m (5 working days Monday – Friday)

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Subject: BODY
Place: WORLD
Condition: HUMAN
Space for freedom and anti-alienation. |Artists: Roma Auskalnyte, Yuki Kobayashi, Sandra Stanionyte|
Group Exhibition in VDA ‘Titanikas’ gallery 2016.11.04-26


Yuki me_rca

Dyson Gallery, London 2016

Trispalvė vėliava// Untitled Three Color Flag. 2016