Capitalistic Uniform

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Duration 2 hours.

I sliced my fingers and then was doing and undoing the top button of my white shirt. I reached out my hand, covered in blood, to the public.  At first, I saw fear in people eyes, but then something changed. People, young, old came to shake my hand. The image of action was shocking at first but the second I opened up to the audience it became transformative.

Capitalistic Uniform seeks to question the freedom of choice by bringing the inside out. A formal handshake becomes the moment of stillness and shared experience.

Testing mental limitations. It provokes, increase awareness and transforms.

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Emotion In Motion 

Erasing Borders







2016 Revolve. Performance Art Days. Uppsala konstmuseum, Drottning Christinas väg 1E, 752 37 Uppsala, SE

After two hours, when I lost a lot of blood and the body became totally exhausted I started to move. In the middle of the other room, we met and stood in a four-meter distance gazing at each other’s eyes, slowly starting to move towards each other. The energy in the room retransformed. Yuki saw me and tiers came out of his eyes. I stood feeling exhausted, breathing slowly and feeling just the last energy left in my body, no thoughts just breath.

This was the moment we found each other’s energy as a pillar for one another and carried on exploring this deeper. After the exhibition we wrote and addressed questions that I believe are so relevant in today’s world of crisis: what is the true meaning of being here and now, how do we represent this for the future as humans of the world?

Body is our Passport,
Body is our Identification,
Body is our Identity.

We want the body to be free from gender or nationality limits. We make live work happening in the moment of doing in order to seek a stronger human connection to the real world. There’s a need to redefine body as an object, gender and human relations between two bodies, branding, advertising, commercialization of art, the artists’ need to self-sacrifice, inveterate structures and definitions once again. Challenge the entirety of technological and commercial cybernetic culture, social media and online imagery. With our performance work, we seek to address questions of human condition in historical, political and cultural fields, search for new methods of identification in the current world’s situation of crisis.


Searching || Reaching out || Holding