s i t u a t i o n s q u a r e

A N O N Y M O U S  2 0 1 5

All the work is being created instantly, responding to the current moment and situation. Standing still inside the gallery between the column and the window frame. Calming down the mind, arriving to the present moment. Action. Leave the space to find the conductors stove. Turn the timer on my phone, grab a chair and drag the chair around the academy. Place the chair on the canalization square and sit observing the people passing by.

situation2 anonymous



T H I R D  C O L U M N  2 0 1 5

situation2 copy copy

F A L L  2 0 1 5




Off The Line 2016




Stance 1, 2016


ShowRCA 2016. London, UK

Standing on the high heels and offering the audience to shake my hand. Black dirt is falling out from the inside of my working uniform.

Stance 2




Post-Brexit. Took all my money out of the ATM machine and covered the square.