White Cube, Bermondsey

8 performance actions created by Sandra Stanionyte during the Christian Marclay’s exhibition at the White Cube Bermondsey is based on the artist Mieko Shiomi score: “Give the water its form, let the water lose its form”.

The duration of every action is 1 hour.portfolio gap2

Holding water for one hour till water drop by drop enters the body. When after one hour of kneeling I try to stand up I fall down immediately.

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Action Carrying water, holding it, waiting till it slowly drips drop by drop inside my body,
holding it. Duration - 1 hour
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White observes water, body observes white. After performance action before me there is a lot of ice cubes left in the space. I take a white cloth and collect the water, let it sink into the white, then take the cloth in my hands and squeeze white water out of the cloth. Action repeats. Collect the watter, let white observe it and squeeze white to let the water run out.

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Replacement. Epty glasses I replace with my own body and its presence. 
Emptyness gets filled with the water in my being. 
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I bring two buckets full of beauty removal cotton pads. Let it be soaked in waters of institions, lay down on the cold concrete floor, covered with little fragments, reflections of the white..
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I am collecting dirty water, letting it being soaked into a white sheet of fabric. I hold it and squeeze into an emty glass. Pour water into my mouth and try to speak, say words that only disapears into a bobbling soundscapes coming out of my mouth. 

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Holding a full glass of water for one hour. Drinking it.

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Holding the glass of water for one hour.                                                                                     Drinking it